Time, Talent & Treasure - Honouring Carel Nolte

March 26, 2021 | Campus

As part of our Time, Talent & Treasure initiative, we celebrate and honour our Chair of Council, Old Stithian and proud South African, Carel Nolte. Carel needs no introduction to the Saints family, he is known to and loved by One and All for his massive contribution to Inspiring Excellence and Making a World of Difference. We are extremely grateful to Carel for the role that he has played and continues to play as our Chair of Council and for the very many ways that he contributes to St Stithians College and the broader community.
There are many servant leaders that give of their Time, Talent & Treasure to Saints, should you wish to put someone forward to be considered for this celebration, whether a current or past staff member, student, parent or part of our Community of Belonging, we invite you to send a mail to moments@stithian.com

Every contribution that is made to St Stithians, big or small is acknowledged and we are grateful for the immense contribution that our Community have made and continue to make to St Stithians and beyond...

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