Moments@Saints Online Celebration

Thank you for joining us for our Moments@Saints Online Celebration.  Today we gather, together apart, in acknowledgement of what would have been Founders' Day. As our community is aware, our official St Stithians College Founders’ Day event has been postponed to 1 August 2020. In acknowledgement of this very special day on the Saints calendar, today we will be presenting significant moments and memories from previous Founders’ Day celebrations and an online musical presentation performed by our Junior Prep.

Following on from our #SaintsMoments campaign that has taken place over the past weeks, we invited our Saints Family to participate by sharing their Founders’ Day #SaintsMoments with us, the response was a true indication of what this day means to our St Stithians family and we thank you for your contributions, we have shared many of these in our video tribute.

A letter was sent to our Community last night from our Council leadership in acknowledgment of the moment in history in which we find ourselves, a moment in time where racism and racist actions continue to cause deep pain and anger.  It is a time of mourning over the violence inflicted on black communities by police in the USA.  We have seen such violence in South Africa as well, historically and during lockdown.  We call for the dismantling of the systems of oppression and racism responsible for the injustice and tragic loss of black lives. We therefore ask our community to join us this morning in observing a minute of silence ahead of our celebration and to take a moment to read a short excerpt from the letter which is shared to show our recommitment to our intent as a College to grow daily in our promotion of a community of belonging which is transformative, inclusive and diverse.


Thank you.

Please see below the official programme for today’s online celebration.  To download a copy of this programme in PDF format, please click here.


Please scroll down to view the videos that make up today’s celebration.  We look forward to sharing this celebration with you, One and All.

Moments@Saints Online Celebration 

The St Stithians College Endowment Fund – Our Legacy of Generosity

This video shows the history of generosity of time, talents and treasures which previous parents, staff, alumni and benefactors of St Stithians have bestowed upon the school. The generosity of spirit of One & All enables us to enjoy the wonder of the St Stithians campus today.

The St Stithians Endowment Fund - Our Legacy of Generosity 


Thank you for joining us in this celebration, we are indeed STRONGER, ONE & ALL.

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