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Mrs Kim Lowman
Girls’ Preparatory Head

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The Girls’ Preparatory is a sanctuary of happy fulfillment for a dynamic, inspired and purpose-driven community. We are a proudly South African school making a world of difference. This is not solely in our words but seen and felt in our actions. Our daily experiences for the girls in our care promote a love of learning, compassion for peers and service to the broader community. Together with our excellent and experienced teaching teams we thrive on active engagement and partnership with our parents and caregivers.

We welcome you to our school of belonging, where you will experience an integrated academic curriculum which promotes a growth mindset; an extensive cultural and extracurricular programme; leadership development and the prioritisation of the social and emotional growth of each individual child.

The Girls’ Preparatory is a school that enables young girls to seek, realise and share their gifting in a safe, stimulating environment. Our diverse community partner in the education of the rising generation with strength, wellness and agility. A world of possibility is explored at the Girls’ Prep with a focus on relevance, rigour, relationship and daily reflection. It is here that we seamlessly move from technologically advanced learning spaces to the outdoors; from a holistic education, responsive to the developmental needs of girls to the connected relationship with brother and sister schools; from trust in self to continued faith in God. It is here that we live a life of purpose with the intention to Honour God, Honour Self and Honour Others.

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One and All

latest news


Grade 5 Camp Out

June 11, 2024 | Girls’ Preparatory
In keeping with a valued tradition at Girls' Prep, each grade participates in an annual Dads and Daughters/Special Person event. This fosters a strong sense of community, connection, and the true spirit of St Stithians within each grade.
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Grade 4 - Fab Friends Day

June 05, 2024 | Girls’ Preparatory
For every Grade 4 student, Thursday, 30 May was a day for celebrating friendship. This year, the Grade 4s immersed themselves in an applied drama theatre practice led by the incredible company, “Drama for Life”, which took our girls on a friendship adventure.
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A tribute to the life of Hugh Huggett

June 03, 2024 | Campus
Hugh Huggett started teaching at St Stithians College in 1969 and retired from Saints in 2001, spending an incredible 33 years as part of the Saints family – and truly much more time than that. We share this tribute with #OneAndAll.
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