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This is a call to the courageous, the visionaries, the adventurers, who see light and hope where others see darkness. Embark on this great adventure with us.

The 75th Anniversary Beacon of Light Endowment Fund Campaign reinforces our drive to not only remain sustainable but also to remain at the forefront of education by inspiring excellence and making a world of difference in our communities and ensuring St Stithians College’s future.

Join us and help raise R150 million by 2028 for the St Stithians College and Thandulwazi Trust Maths and Science Academy’s Endowment Funds.

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Our endowment funds are dedicated, ring-fenced, sources of long-term funding, made up of donations, that supports the mission and work of St Stithians College and the Thandulwazi Maths and Science Academy.

Each year, a portion of the endowment is paid out as an annual distribution to fund the College and Academy’s work. Any interest earned in excess of this annual distribution is kept in the endowment investment fund so that it can grow and support the rising generation.

St Stithians College exists because of the endowment left by Albert Collins and William Mounstephens through their bequest.

The aim of the endowment fund for St Stithians College is that it will bridge the gap between the annual revenue that is brought in through the five on-site schools’ admission fees and the critical costs associated with delivering the College’s Statement of Purpose, and growing the fund to ultimately lessen the financial burden of an excellent education to Saints Families.

The aim of the Thandulwazi Endowment Fund is to bridge the gap between the annual donation revenue that is received from individuals, private trusts and corporate social responsibility grants, and the long-term sustainability of providing the four educational upliftment programmes to impact even more direct Learner, Teacher and Student-Teacher beneficiaries.

Endowments are structured to exist in perpetuity, meaning that the endowments for St Stithians College and the Thandulwazi Maths and Science Academy must be large enough for there to be confidence in the endowment funds’ earnings and disbursements forever.

The endowment funds allow us to continue making a world of difference to one and all through education for many more generations to come.

To allow for this intergenerational equity, the St Stithians College and Thandulwazi Endowment Funds are carefully managed by the St Stithians College Council through the Financial Sustainability Committee to ensure that our future Saints generations will enjoy its benefits as much as our current and previous generations are enjoying the endowment gifts that established St Stithians College in 1953.

The St Stithians College Endowment Fund is crucial to our excellence in teaching and learning, as well as the College’s purpose driven initiatives on campus and in our neighbouring communities.

Connected to a long tradition of Saints generosity, the endowment fund supports an incredible range of activities, including bursaries, financial aid, capital and staff development.

The Thandulwazi Endowment Fund is crucial for the sustainability and growth of the four Thandulwazi educational upliftment programmes – Saturday School Programme, Teacher Development Programme, Intern-Teacher Training Programme and Academic Scholarship Programme.

During times of financial uncertainty, when donation revenue is under severe pressure, the Thandulwazi Endowment Fund will ensure that even more direct Learner, Teacher and Student-Teacher beneficiaries are impacted for many more generations to come. Making a world of difference to one and all through education in South Africa.

An endowment fund is made up of tens, hundreds and thousands of individual funds, the majority of which are “restricted”.

This means donors that have created funds within the endowment funds have specified that their gift must support a specific aspect of St Stithians College’s strategic focus, from dedicated bursaries to the building of new facilities, and provided certain criteria to be adhered to for the disbursement of relevant funds to take place. All of these gifts are critical to many areas of work on the Saints Campus, each with a unique person and story behind it.