In keeping with sound governance, accounting and financial systems, St Stithians College purchases goods and services according to established procurement procedures.


Procurement Policy

The Procurement Policy creates the framework for purchasing transactions and tendering processes. The decision whether goods or services are procured in-house or outsourced is an Executive/Management decision based on cost-benefit and other appropriate evaluations. Once the purchasing/outsourcing decision has been taken there are basic principles which must be adhered to by purchasing agents within St Stithians College. 

General conditions of purchase

The General conditions of purchase defines the terms of transactions using a St Stithians Purchase Order. Unless the College and the Service Provider enter into a separate written agreement, these Conditions of Purchase shall be binding on the Parties and shall apply to the exclusion of any conditions stipulated by the Service Provider in any document, proposal, quote, statement, delivery note, invoice or other commitment, whether written or oral, even if such terms have not been expressly rejected by the College.

Current procurement projects

The list below refers to major procurement projects. Requests for Expressions of Interest, Requests for Information, Requests for Proposals, and current tender projects are listed below.

Provisioning of Stationery Supplies 

Current projects taking place on Campus 

There is quite a lot of building taking place on the Campus at the moment.  The two key projects underway are the Basketball Precinct Project (Phase 1) and the realignment of Kingswood Road (the ring road).


Basketball Precinct 

The College has begun construction of additional facilities at the courts including: a toilet block (male female and wheelchair friendly); a kitchenette; a storeroom; a braai area and a technical area as part of Phase 1 of upgrades to the Basketball Precinct. This phase will be complete by November 2019.  We aplogise for any inconvenience caused during building and appreciate your patience while the project is taking place.

Phase 2 of the project includes changing rooms and grandstand seating. The ultimate goal is to complete Phase 3 which includes a roof over the centre court and lighting for night games.

The architectural drawings of the buildings that will be completed in Phase 1.


An artist's impression of the Basketball Precinct once Phase 3 is complete.


The realignment of Kingswood Road (the Ring Road)

The College has begun construction on the realignment of Kingswood Road (the Ring Road) in the area around the Girls' Prep parking.  We aplogise for any inconvenience caused during building and appreciate your patience while the project is taking place.




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