Round Square

St Stithians College upholds the ideals of the Round Square Association


St Stithians has become known for its dedication to community service, and students are encouraged to join various organisations that uphold similar philosophies to those held by our schools.


One of the most demanding of these is the Round Square Association of Schools, which the College joined in 1998. Over 100 schools belong to the association from countries as diverse as Japan, Peru, Kenya and Thailand.

Kurt Hahn, the founder of Round Square, believed firmly in challenging young people to realise their full potential, and to do this outside the classroom. Our girls and boys have certainly met that challenge.

Hahn’s philosophy of “There is more in you than you know” centres around his promotion of IDEALS: International Understanding; Democracy; Environment; Adventure; Leadership; and Service.

St Stithians College has adopted these ideals and is proud of the way in which the students have developed self-confidence, leadership skills, compassion for those less fortunate, and an understanding of the social and environmental problems facing the youth worldwide.


Our students have received accolades for keynote addresses given at international conferences, and promoting understanding within different cultures and ideologies.

Local and international exchanges are extremely popular and prove to be a huge growth experience; democracy is practised in all areas of school governance, with leadership an underpinning philosophy of servant leadership.

The environmental advances made at St Stithians have allowed our students to share innovative ideas, while at the same time absorbing the steps taken internationally; annual camps instil the sense of adventure in the students, encouraging them to stretch themselves physically, mentally and emotionally; and the College’s dedication to being proactive in community service is evident in its extensive local and national outreach programmes and projects.

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