Chair of Council, Carel Nolte and Deputy Chair of Council, Mrs Megan Rogers

The St Stithians College Endowment Fund Trust, established in 1941, is custodian of the assets of the College. Governance authority resides in the St Stithians College Council, a body which includes trust, church, parent and alumnus representatives. The St Stithians College Trust Deed and Constitution, as amended in 2010, are the legal documents which constitute the College.

The Council operates through the following sub-committees: Council Executive, Governance, Finance, Planning and Development, Transformation, Remuneration, and the Church Committee. The Chair of each school’s Parent Teacher Association is a member of Council.

The Chair of Council appoints the Rector, who is a full member of Council. The Superintendent Chaplain is a Council member. The College Executive Committee members are invited attendees at Council meetings.

The St Stithians Foundation was created by the Trust and the Council in 2002 to contribute to the long term sustainability of St Stithians College. Foundation governors are appointed according to approved terms of reference. 

Documents relating to the governance and strategic vision of the College can be viewed by following the links below:

Rector 's Communication to Alumni & the broader community - 26 June 2020:​

Diversity and Transformation Communication October 2020