Sport in the Boys' Prep

June 24, 2021 | Boys’ Preparatory
Sport plays a very important part in the life of a Boys' Prep student, and he is encouraged to attempt as many activities as possible, until he finds that one sport that he loves. We have had such a stop/start sports season over the past year, but we would still like to celebrate a few ways in which our boys have been keeping active over the past few months.
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Student Leadership Executive 2021/2022 Announcement

June 22, 2021 | Girls’ College
It gives us great pleasure to announce the Girls’ College Student Leadership Executive for the 2021/2022 cycle.
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Junior Prep Comrades for Cancer

June 11, 2021 | Junior Preparatory
It is not about you. It is not about me. It’s about “we”. Working together. As one.
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June 07, 2021 | Girls’ Preparatory
The Grade 5 Social Sciences Unit of Inquiry (UOI) this term was: “Mzansi, our Rainbow Nation, whose story, is it?” 
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Unveilings - 5 June 2021

June 07, 2021 | Campus
A number of unveiling ceremonies took place to showcase improvements to the school and recognise those who have made meaningful and lasting contributions to our College. Thank you One & All.
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Rowing News

June 04, 2021 | Boys’ College
Zarret Mills heading to Plovdiv, Bulgaria to represent South Africa at the Junior World Rowing Championships
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Grade RR Mother’s Day Celebration

May 21, 2021 | Junior Preparatory
Celebrating Mom in Grade RR.
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Time, Talent & Treasure - Honouring Jackie Matlala

April 07, 2021 | Campus
We take pleasure in honouring Jacqui Matlala for the time, talent and treasure that she has given, and continues to give, to our College.
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Promoting Hope In Sport...Saints SportsFest Virtual Challenge 2021

April 06, 2021 | Campus
Thank you One & All for keeping Hope In Sport alive...all for a great cause.
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Grade 7 2020 Gift to Girls’ Preparatory

April 01, 2021 | Girls’ Preparatory
Funds are raised throughout the year towards a visible legacy that our Grade 7 girls leave annually.
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Saints in Solidarity - Community Business Platform Launches

April 01, 2021 | Campus
St Stithians College is proud to announce the launch of our Saints in Solidarity Business Community Platform.
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