Matric Results 2022

January 18, 2023 | Campus

The release of the Matric results is always an eagerly anticipated moment. For our students, their path has been shaped by the work that they have put into their studies and personal development over years. The little one proudly telling the story of the first day of school is now a young adult ready to adventure into his or her own world. They have not reached this point alone. I am deeply grateful to the teachers who have dedicated so much time to each student. I am equally grateful to the parents and guardians who have been there to celebrate the highlights and give support when the path became difficult.

The theme for 2022 was Inspired with Purpose, Driven by Passion. The Class of 2022 was living that theme long before it was adopted by the College. These are the students who were in Grade 10 when COVID disrupted the even pattern of school. The Matric results could have been shadowed by the difficulty of the COVID years, but our students remained inspired by their purpose and were indeed, driven by their passion to succeed. I am delighted that the Class of 2022 was able to mark all the rites of passage that go with the ending of the school chapter. It was wonderful to be part of the different ceremonies and Valediction services again and to see eyes shining with hope and excitement.

As a College, we strive towards excellence. There is no doubt that the Class of 2022 has excelled. A single certificate with a set of marks is unable to show the character and effort that went into making those simple shapes on a page. I celebrate the many brilliant results. I celebrate the results of all who have worked and have achieved their goals. I am proud to be a member of this College as we embrace inclusion and make this a place of academic support and safety for all.

Ae we celebrate the achievements of our Matrics we continue to pray for healing for Samantha Kirk, a beloved member of the Class of 2022.  We ask our community to hold Samantha and her family in prayer that they may find hope and courage and be surrounded with God's Peace.  As I reflect on 2022, I am reminded once more of the importance of our values and how deep the foundations of those values are. It was not an easy year. There were challenges to be faced but Inspired with Purpose, we were able to keep a steady course. We mark and mourn the loss of a number of members of staff and members of our Saints family. We continue to deal with the disruption of loadshedding and economic fragility.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the setting of the foundation stone in the Chapel. There is a wonderful stability in knowing that although we live in a rapidly changing world, the foundations are strong. I hope that the Class of 2022 will feel that they are standing on solid ground as they go out into the world. I know that they will take those things that we hold dear as a College with them and keep them as the foundations for their own lives. I cannot begin to imagine where our students will be and what they will have achieved when they come back for their 2047 reunion; I do know that the school that they loved will still be here to welcome them home.

The announcement of results is the key to further study and an entry into the world. Our students have achieved their National Senior Certificate and the key is in their hands. We thank our St Stithians teachers at the Junior Prep, the Boys’ Prep, the Girls’ Prep and Kamoka Bush School, and those teachers at all the other primary and high schools, who have dedicated themselves to making this possible for each of our students.

When the results of the Boys’ College and the Girls’ College are combined, our 237 candidates achieved a 100% Matric pass rate, a 99% Bachelor's Degree (BD) pass rate, and a total of 545 subject distinctions (80% or more). 7 students achieved the St Stithians Summa Cum Laude award – an average of 90% and above. A total of 144 students achieved an average of 70% or above. 22 students achieved 32 subject marks in the top 1% of all IEB candidates.

Reflecting our model of a College of Schools, the results of the Boys’ College and the Girls’ College are published separately. Please click on the links below for each school.

Girls' College Results 2022 Boys' College Results 2022

The Matric Class of 2022.

Thank you and well done, One and All. We look forward to our latest generation of Old Stithians remaining connected as valued alumni to the College and our Old Stithian Association and telling their stories of inspiration, and the passion and purpose that has driven their lives as we meet them again in the years to come. Once a Saint, Always a Saint.

As the St Stithians community, we look forward to the release of the public schools’ Matric results; once these become available, we will celebrate the results of the students attending our Thandulwazi Maths and Science Academy’s Saturday School.

Our theme for 2023 will focus on Happy Fulfilment. This is what I wish for our Class of 2022 as they set about the work of fulfilling the dreams towards which they have worked. The ship that once anchored is setting sail and before it lies an ocean of possibility. The last verse of the College song has become reality, but I hope that school will not become too much of a ‘distant memory’. As you leave, pack all that you have learnt here – lessons of courage and resilience and of kindness and hope. You sail with our blessings; may the wind always be at your back.

Mrs Celeste Gilardi
Rector: St Stithians College
Dr Sally James
Head of School: Girls’ College
Mr David du Toit
Head of School: Boys’ College


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