13 Years at Saints Celebration 2018

September 25, 2018 | Campus

Parents, matric boys and girls of the Class of 2018 who have been at St Stithians for 13 years, and staff gathered in the St Stithians Junior Prep, the place where it all began,  to celebrate this groups incredible journey at St Stithians - a journey which will soon come to an end. The day is an emotional one and began with all of the matrics finding thier photographs from all those years ago, laughing and reminiscing, commenting on how much they have all changed.  The group of students and their parents were officially welcomed by Alistair Stewart, Head of Advancement and Gayle Harris, Head of the Junior Prep.

The Grade R Class of 2018 joined in the celebrations by performing for the matrics and being treated to a Boys’ College and Girls’ College war cry. The Matrics then formed a tunnel of honour for the Grade Rs to run through, and the morning culminated with some play time for the Grade R's with their heroes on the playground. A truly memorable and special occasion for One and All.