September Reunion season at St Stithians College

October 06, 2023 | Campus | Author: Caitlyn Loneon (OSA Secretary) and Julia Phipps (Alumni Affairs)

Reunions are a very special part of our calendar year in the Advancement office and with the Old Stithian Association.  The reconnecting with alumni and bringing them back to the Campus is very special to the College as well as the Alumnig giving htem the opportunity to reminisce sharing stories and connections.  The Advancement office in conjunction with the Old Stithian Association assist in bringing the alumni back to school by keeping the alumni database up to date and having the relevant class lists accessible to the alumni arranging their reunions.

10 Year Reunion - Boys' College Class of 2013 - Friday 8 September 2023

St Stithians Boys’ College welcomed back the class of 2013 to celebrate their 10 year reunion at the College.  We hosted over 20 Old Boys in the morning for the tour by David Du Toit- Head of the Boys’ College and Alistair Stewart – Head of Advancement and who taught them in their prep days.

Lwazi Madi attended, he is currently the Men’s Water Polo Captain for South Africa.


The group loved being back and catching up with their classmates, many of whom hadn’t seen each other in over 10 years. The class took the time to remember and honour their former class mate , Phakama Ndlovu, who passed away tragically during their matric year.  The Boys’ College students surrounded the Old Boys and the statue of “Phaks” and performed a moving war cry. It was a memorable moment to remember one of their own.

Later that evening, the rest of the class joined the celebrations  up at Higher Ground Restaurant where they all gathered for dinner and shared in stories and memories.  It was a wonderful day celebrating the Class of 2013 and we hope to see many of them back at the College on a more regular basis. #OnceASaintAlwaysASaint.


Old Stithian Association Reunion Dinner - Friday 15 September 2023

The Old Stithian Dinner took place at Higher Ground Restaurant where we hosted 170 Old Stithians along with the Heads’ of Schools, Former Teachers and Chair of Council. 

This Annual event takes place every year on the second Friday in September.  All Old Stithians are invited to attend and this year marked the 65th OSA Dinner. Most reunion groups book their reunion dates to coincide with this dinner. In attendance at the dinner were the Classes of 1973,1983,1993 and Boys & Girls Class of 2003. The Old Boys had a tour around the Boys’ College and then attended the Chapel service where Philip Bradford, Class of 1993 and current College Council Member, addressed the students on how the school shaped the person he is today. He reminded the students that school is what you take from it- there is something for everyone here and this what makes Old Stithians so valuable to the community and greater network. The important saying, “Once a Saint always a Saint” is so true and many people will refer to you as a Saints Boy or Saints Girl and that’s privilege you carry with you for the rest of your life.


Andrew Dikhobo – Head Boy from 2003, addressed the students on how his life has been impacted in the last 20 years and what he has learnt.  He kept commending how proud he was of the College and the diversity that has been achieved.  The school has grown rapidly in the last 20 years, but it makes he and the class of 2003 are proud to be Old Stithians. 


Charles Bamford from the Class of 1973 came all the way from Texas USA to celebrate his 50th School Reunion.  He attended with his niece, Lisa Arrenbrecht, who was also celebrating her 20th School Reunion.


The Old Boys enjoyed their tour around the Boys’ College and were also introduced to the Thandulwazi Maths & Science Academy program. 

Former Rector and Boys’ College Head, David Wylde joined the boys on their walkabout tour and catch up.



The Girls' College Class of 2003 celebrated their 20th School reunion on the Friday and then had a luncheon on the Saturday up at Higher Ground Restaurant.  Our thanks go to Hayley Watters nee Owen for addressing the Girls' College Students in assembly on Friday morning.  Hayley spoke to the students about her time at school and how you may find after school things challenging but you can get through it with the values you have been taught here at St Stithians Girls’ College.  She also commended on how the school has transformed and grown into a top Girls’ School in Johannesburg.

The Girls' College Students then sang war cries for the Old Girls and included them in the “Members” song which has been tradition for over 25 years. The Old Girls thoroughly enjoyed the assembly and tour of the Girls’ College especially as so much has changed and grown.


Group of 2013 and 2015 Alumni enjoying the Old Stithian dinner.


Class of 1993 enjoying their reunion at the Annual Old Stithian dinner.

Friday 22 September 2023

We welcomed back the Girls’ College Class of 2013 to celebrate their 10 year reunion. They all took a nostalgic trip down memory lane as most of them had been a part of the Saints family for the full 13-year journey.


The Class of 2013 standing outside their gift of the iconic Seriti Tree that they donated to the school ten years ago.


The group were very excited to find their plaques at the Girls’ Prep which were put up in their Grade 7 year. 


Ayanda Heita, Head Girl and Bianca Biehler, Deputy Head Girl of 2013  addressed the Girls’ College students about their school days.  They spoke about appreciating the time you have at school and the amazing opportunities that are here for you. She mentioned how nearly all of the Old Girls are in a very different place to where they had envisioned themselves 10 years out of school,  but that most have superseded what they thought they would achieve. 

The old Girls had these words of advice:

Life is so much more than moving from point A to point B, things can change like the seasons but most things work out
You should laugh as much as possible and be present in the moment with your friends and classmates
Always stay true to yourself! What you do at school doesn’t define you for the rest of your life and you can still figure out what you want or who you want to be
Live life Big, don’t make yourself smaller for anyone. 

The class also reminisced and honoured their Boys’ College classmate Phaks.

Old Stithian Jackson Gondo joined our Girls' College 2013 Reunion group and captured these moments from the day.

Friday 29 September 2023

We ended off our reunion month with the class of 1963 celebrating their 60th Reunion Celebration, what a milestone! This is a special group of Old Stithians, many of whom were married in our chapel around 46 years ago.  We learnt that the the School song was sung for the first time in 1963 in term 3 and so was memorable for the group to sing this again in Chapel 60 years later.


Frank Towen was the Dux Scholar in 1963 and was invited to hand out the Academic awards at the chapel service.


Johnny Arthur, who was the former OSA Chairman 1975-1980 and OSA President 2004 , standing with the current OSA Chairman, Israel Skosana.

What an incredible few weeks of reunions it was and a pleasure to welcome so many of our Old Stithians back onto the St Stithians College campus. Thank you #OneAndAll and remember, #OnceASaintAlwaysASaint.

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