Tour de Maths 2018 Prep School competitions

April 11, 2018 | Campus | Author: Sean Ward

Towards the end of March we hosted the first official leg of the Prep schools’ Tour de Maths. After contacting a few schools earlier in the year, we soon realised just how much of a need there was for competitions such as this one. All schools that were contacted expressed an interest in joining and we soon had a total of 142 competitors showing up to test their logic.

The paper was tough but the competitors were able to work in groups; many divided up into pairs and quickly made light work of the easier questions. They then combined their efforts to solve the tougher questions in groups of four. The evening was a huge success and all of the parents who came to support were very appreciative of the initiative to get our young mathematicians excited about problem-solving.

While the competitors were writing, the staff accompanying them also had a chance to meet and discuss the future of these events. Although there were a number of different ideas of how to proceed, it was agreed that we must proceed with the competition. A number of schools have already raised their hands to host future events.

After an hour of writing the pencils were put down and the papers were handed in to be marked. The results are as follows:

First place with 165/220
Mateo von Cziffra-Bergs – Pridwin Preparatory
James Hattingh – Pridwin Preparatory
Ben Kelly – Pridwin Preparatory
Kofi Ashmaning – Pridwin Preparatory

Tied for second place with 155/220
Jaipal Pillay – Pridwin Preparatory  
Ryan Pullinger – Pridwin Preparatory
Asher Hyde – King David Primary School, Victory Park
Joshua Beira – King David Primary School, Victory Park

Daniel Karlsson – St Stithians Boys' Preparatory
Kian Van Ryswyck – St Stithians Boys' Preparatory
Krishay Patel – St John’s Preparatory School
Jonathan Masher – St John’s Preparatory School

Third place with 150/220
Christy Hoogedeure – Roedean School
Aimée Conradic – Roedean School
James Barret – The Ridge School
William Mills – The Ridge Schoo

We extend our sincere thanks to Casio for sponsoring the event and we look forward to the next one.