Shavathon 2017

February 23, 2017 | Campus

Shavathon fun. Photo courtesy of Julia Phipps

Once again the Saints community came together to support CANSA and lend a hand in fighting cancer in our annual Shavathon. Our students and volunteer staff members got together to spray hair into all sorts of bright colours and interesting designs, and to shave some heads.

Last year we raised over R125 000 and we hope to raise the same (or more) this year.


A few of the staff who volunteered to spray and shave some heads. Photo courtesy of Julia Phipps

Each of our schools was alive with laughter and the sound of spray cans as we sprayed our heads in support of this great cause. You could also hear the sound of hair clippers as they shaved their way across the heads of some of our parents, staff, and students. These sounds, of course, were often drowned out by cheers of support for those brave few who did their hair cut.

In the video below, a few JP children chant for one of their teachers to shave his hair.

In this video, our children chant for one of their teachers to shave his hair...which he did. Video courtesy of Tarryn Patrick-Brown


JP teacher Byron Moreton gets his head shaved in support of CANSA. Photo courtesy of Mel Morrison

Mrs Sanet Wentzel, Afrikaans teacher in the Boys' College, challenged the boys to raise more than R5 000 for CANSA. Because Eben Bila and Devon Casey donated the most money they were allowed to cut her hair and shave her head. Mr David Knowles, Boys' College head, also shaved his head after challenging the Matric boys to do the same.


BC teacher Mrs Sanet Wentzel shaving her head after her students raised R5 000 for CANSA.


BC teacher Mrs Sanet Wentzel after shaving her head because her students raised R5 000 for CANSA.

It was a fun day but also one in which we continued our intention to make a world of difference in the lives of those around us.

Gallery images contributed by Julia Phipps, Karen Prinsloo, Liane Groombridge, Sean Ward, and Tarryn Patrick-Brown