Raising Boys and Girls conference 2018

May 07, 2018 | Campus

Parent Talk: "Positive Parenting" by Sue Langley, Australia

The Raising Boys and Girls Conference (#RBG2018) will be taking place at St Stithians on the 10th and 11th May 2018.  At this conference attendees will critically engage with issues around the holistic education of boys and girls. The focus will be on aspects of gendered education (both in co-educational and single-sex schooling), across all phases, related to cognitive, emotional, social, and cultural trends.

As part of this event, international speaker Sue Langley, will be giving her Positive Parenting Talk on Thursday 10th May from 19h00 to 20h30 in the Chapel. Sue is a master trainer, global business consultant, researcher and leading advisor on the practical workplace applications of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology. She is a Director of Growing Great Schools and the Langley Group Institute, and an affiliate of the Australian Psychological Association and the International Positive Psychology Association. She chairs conferences and presents her work and research internationally. A dynamic and inspiring speaker, Sue’s gift is synthesising science into simple, practical tools anyone can use.

As parents, we all try to do the best job we can with the goal of helping our children become respectable, happy, functioning people. Yet some times we don’t always get it right. This session will share ideas from social neuroscience, positive psychology and wellbeing research to enable us to perhaps show up, more frequently, as the parents we want to be for our children. Attending this short session will enable you to:

  • Understand how the human brain works and the impact of belonging and social connection
  • Build a growth mind set in yourself and your child to allow him/her to continue to grow and develop
  • Use tools from positive psychology to build wellbeing and resilience in your child and your family

Date: Thursday 10 May 2018

Time: 19:00-20:30pm

Venue: St Stithians College 40 Peter Place, Lyme Park, Sandton (Chapel)

Cost: R50 entrance fee

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We have limited seats available, so please book and pay online via the above link. You will receive an electronic ticket via email which you need to bring with you to the event to confirm your entrance. Please take note that the ticket price is R50.00, but there is an additional Nuticket booking fee of R2.50.

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