Ways to give


How can you support the work of Sustainability?

The culture of giving has long been part of the St Stithians history and ethos. In fact, Saints owes its existence to the generous legacy of our founders, Albert Charles Collins and William Mountstephens, and donations from successive generations of parents and alumni who have helped to build this great College. We teach all who pass through the corridors of St Stithians that “to whom much is given, much is expected”.

Ways to give

There are so many ways that you can support the work of the St Stithians. All of the projects require time, effort and funds. Read more below for more information on how you can give or go straight to the donation portal.

Annual or monthly pledges

Should you wish to make a monthly contribution, kindly contact the Fundraising Office for further details.

More information on how to set up a stop order.

Volunteering, donations-in-kind or of professional services

Please be in touch to find out how you can volunteer your time or teaching expertise to one of the programmes. Contact donations@stithian.com 

In-kind contributions and donations of professional services are always of assistance. For example, one of our donors runs a printing company and he recently sponsored the printing of a leaflet; another donated her graphic design skills to design a brochure and Christmas card; and others have donated backpacks for the Saturday School learners, or Notebooks and computer accessories for Thandulwazi teachers.

Specific gifts

Should you wish to make a specific contribution to a particular programme, kindly specify that you would like your gift/donation to be allocated to that programme.

The following options are currently available:

  • Saints Endowment Fund
  • Three Pavilions Projects 
  • St Stithians Scholarship Fund
  • Thandulwazi Maths and Science Academy

Leaving a legacy or bequest

The generous bequest of the St Stithians Founders, Albert Charles Collins and William Mountstephens, provided a legacy that endures to this day. Through a simple bequest in your will, you too can leave a legacy that will continue for generations to come. It is best to consult with your financial adviser and/or attorney for advice, if you plan to make a bequest or charitable gift to the Foundation in your will.

Tax advantages of making a 'gift' to the Endowment Fund

Section 18A of the Income Tax Act provides for the tax deductibility of donations made to approved public benefit organisations. A taxpayer making a bona fide donation is entitled to a deduction from his taxable income if the donation:

  • Is supported by the necessary receipt issued by the organisation
  • Does not exceed 10% of the donor’s taxable income (certain technical quantification issues in respect of individuals)

A bona fide donation is a gratuitous donation or gift disposed of by the donor out of liberality or generosity. It is a voluntary gift that is freely given to the done, with no quid pro quo, no reciprocal obligations and no personal benefit for the donor. The donor may not impose conditions that could enable him or any connected person in relation to himself to derive some direct or indirect benefit from the application of the donation.

The donation may not be revocable by the donor. The donation must actually be paid or transferred during the year of assessment.

Donations to the Endowment Fund and Thandulwazi qualify for income tax deduction (subject to the 10% limit) in terms of Section 18A, and a valid tax receipt will be provided to donors to evidence the donation.

Acknowledgements: Bowman Gilfillan BEE guide, SARS – Tax Exemption Guide for Public Benefit Organisations in South Africa

BEE options

Members of the Saints family and companies may wish to make a BEE scorecard-compliant donation to Thandulwazi for socio-economic development or skills development points, or consider Thandulwazi as a broad-based BEE partner. Please click here for further details

Banking details

Financial contributions to the St Stithians Foundation can be made online with a credit card following the link below, or deposited directly into the following bank account:

St Stithians College Endowment Fund Trust
Standard Bank
Bank account: 221028773
Branch code: 018005
Branch name: Randburg
Reference: your name (e.g. AB Smit) and project supported (e.g. Endowment)

Should you require more information, please do not hesitate contact the Fundraising Manager, Mrs Julia Phipps, on +27 (0)11 577 6000 or email JPhipps@stithian.com or thandulwazi@stithian.com.