Ways to Get Involved

The Thandulwazi Trust Maths and Science Academy is a registered BBBEE NPO PBO providing educational growth opportunities to South African historically disadvantaged Learners and Teachers.

There are various ways that you can support the work of the Thandulwazi Trust Maths and Science Academy. All the programmes require time, funding, expertise and skills. For more information on how you can become a Thandulwazi supporter and partner, see below for options.

Financial Gifts

Your gift of any amount could help sponsor a Teacher or Learner to benefit from one of the four Thandulwazi educational-upliftment programmes offered:


The Thandulwazi Saturday School targets Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 Learners from under-resourced schools, serving communities in disadvantaged areas of Gauteng Province. The focus is on providing extra tuition in core subjects such as Mathematics, the Sciences, Accounting and English. Your donation will assist in covering the costs for beneficiary Learners to attend the Saturday sessions. The major cost drivers of the programme are Teachers’ and Tutors’ salaries, handouts, workbooks and worksheets provided, the annual Mathletics license fee, individual student log-ins for the Mathletics programme (which includes free access to the Mathletics App), the provision of Maths sets and scientific calculators, stationery and scientific experiments. Refreshments are provided if specific donations and support is received to provide for all Learners contact sessions.



The Thandulwazi Teacher Development Programme provides upskilling workshops and professional development for Teachers and Principals working in public schools, teaching from Grade RR to Grade 9. The focus is on Mathematics Teaching Practice: numeracy, literacy and technology; as well as School Leadership and ECD Management. Your donation will assist in covering the costs for beneficiary Teachers to attend all Saturday workshop sessions. The cost drivers of the programme are Workshop Facilitators, salaries, UNISA registration fees for certain programmatic groups, Teacher files and stationery, handouts provided and refreshments.




The Thandulwazi Intern-Teacher Training Programme aims at growing the number of professional Teachers in South Africa and building capacity in the broader basic education sector. Subjects focused on are Mathematics, the Sciences, English and the Early Childhood Development (ECD)/Foundation Phase of education due to a critical Teacher shortage in these areas. Since its inception in 2005, 164 Intern-Teachers have graduated from this programme. Your donation will assist towards covering the costs of the Intern-Teachers’ tuition fees, laptops, textbooks, stationery, daily meals during term time, a monthly stipend, basic medical coverage and further professional development and training.




The Thandulwazi Academic Scholarship Programme provides academic bursaries to Mathematics/Science Learners from Grade 10 to Grade 12. Bursaries are awarded to talented FET-phase historically disadvantaged South African Learners, who are currently attending schools where they will not be able to optimise their talent. Your donation will assist in covering the annual tuition fee, development fee and boarding fee costs at St Stithians College for a Thandulwazi Academic Scholarship Student; as well as any reasonable extra-curricular expenses that may be incurred as the Scholarship Student embraces the opportunities made available by attending school at the College.



Volunteer your services

Please be in touch to find out how you can volunteer your time or expertise to one of the Thandulwazi Maths and Science Academy programmes, you are welcome to contact us at fundraising@thandulwazi.com.

Donations -in-kind or of Professional Services

In-kind contributions and donations of professional services are always welcomed. These contributions could range from the donation of backpacks for the Saturday School Learners; the donation of notebooks and computer accessories for Thandulwazi Teachers, the donation of teaching and learning material, to the donation of your time to present a workshop to the Learners or Teachers in any of the programmes. If you or your company would like to get involved in this way, please contact us at fundraising@thadulwazi.com.

Leaving a Legacy or Bequest

Education is a gift for life. Through a simple bequest in your Last Will and Testament to the Thandulwazi Trust Maths and Science Academy, you too can leave a legacy that will continue for generations to come. It is best to consult with your financial advisor and/or attorney for advice if you plan to make a bequest or charitable gift to the Trust in your will. If this is something that you would like to do, please let us know at fundraising@thandulwazi.com in order to keep your request on file.

MySchool Supporter                                          

Registered MySchool supporters can raise funds for the Thandulwazi Trust Maths and Science Academy with every swipe of their MySchool card. Thandulwazi is a registered beneficiary of the programme (ref: 11815) and existing cardholders can add Thandulwazi as a beneficiary (you are able to add up to three beneficiaries on your card). To add Thandulwazi as a beneficiary to your MySchool supporter card, click here.

To register as a MySchool supporter complete an online registration form on the MySchool website or use the MySchool App available on the Appstore or on Google Play.

Every swipe counts, so sign up today and support Thandulwazi while you shop at a host of stores.

For more information please contact the Thandulwazi Fundraising Office on +27 (0)11 577 6193 or e-mail fundraising@thandulwazi.com

Tax Advantages of making a Donation/Bequest

Section 18A of the Income Tax Act provides for the tax deductibility of donations made to approved public benefit organisations. A taxpayer making a bona fide donation is entitled to a deduction from his taxable income if the donation:

·       Is supported by the necessary receipt issued by the organisation

·       Does not exceed 10% of the donor’s taxable income (certain technical quantification issues in respect of individuals)

A bona fide donation is a gratuitous donation or gift disposed of by the donor out of liberality or generosity. It is a voluntary gift that is freely given by the donor, with no quid pro quo, no reciprocal obligations and no personal benefit for the donor. The donor may not impose conditions that could enable him or any connected person in relation to himself to derive some direct or indirect benefit from the application of the donation. The donation may not be revocable by the donor. The donation must be paid or transferred during the year of assessment.

Donations to Thandulwazi qualify for income tax deduction (subject to the 10% limit) in terms of Section 18A, and a valid tax receipt will be provided to donors to evidence the donation.

Acknowledgements: Bowman Gilfillan BEE guide, SARS – Tax Exemption Guide for Public Benefit Organisations in South Africa

BEE Advantages of Donations to Thandulwazi

Owners of companies may wish to make a BBBEE scorecard-compliant donation to the Thandulwazi Trust Maths and Science Academy for Socio-Economic Development, Skills Development or consider Thandulwazi as a broad-based BEE partner.

Banking Details

Financial contributions to the Thandulwazi Trust can be made online with a credit card via our donation portal or deposited directly into the following bank account:

The Thandulwazi Trust
Standard Bank
Bank account: 221043209
Branch code: 018005
Branch name: Randburg
Reference: your name (e.g. AB Smit) and project supported (e.g. Saturday School)

Should you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Thandulwazi Fundraising Office on +27 (0)11 577 6193, or email fundraising@thandulwazi.com

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