"When the vision is clear, the results will appear. Keep your mindset positive as you work your plan, flourish, and always remember why you started."

– Germany Kent


There are multiple definitions of flourishing with each definition bringing to the fore a common theme around growth, positivity and a space where individuals thrive. Human flourishing is the widely accepted goal of life. To flourish is not only to be happy, but to fulfil one’s potential. Human flourishing requires the acquisition and development of intellectual, moral and civic virtues, as well as excellence specific to diverse domains of practice or human endeavour, and generic virtues of self-management. All are necessary to achieve the highest potential in life.

At the Girls’ College we aim to be increasingly explicit in our aims, our mindset and our daily practices as we look towards wellbeing literacy and positive education informing our curriculum, which includes lessons, and learning activities beyond the classroom space. Wellbeing literacy is defined as a capability to comprehend and compose wellbeing language across contexts, with the intention of using such language to maintain or improve the wellbeing of oneself, others or the world.1


With this focus on wellbeing and positive education, the Girls’ College has embraced four focus areas, namely belong, learn, lead and serve. These are depicted in pyramid structure as illustrated alongside. The concept of belonging is at the bottom of the pyramid, since our success, wellbeing and ultimate ability to flourish rests on our belonging and acceptance in an environment. Belonging is an important foundational element in a school environment. This takes time and relies on the attributes of trust, mutual acceptance and respect. Each one of us needs to be a creator of belonging and this relates to the way we show up, how we listen and importantly hear one another. 

At the core of what we do and who we are relates to our ability to learn and ensure our environment as well as personal mindsets allow for rich, meaningful and deep learning. With a sense of belonging, connectedness and community our students and staff enter into our environment with a curious and open mindset, knowing that one’s thoughts and assumptions will be challenged in several ways. At the Girls’ College we focus on developing our students’ sense of personal agency ensuring they are equipped with the skills, attributes and mindsets ready to tackle global change with a dynamic, interdisciplinary approach to learning. We pride ourselves in developing lifelong learners of significance. 

It is our belief that each person within our community is the leader of their own life. Through our approach to teaching, learning and character education we are growing courageous female leaders who will ultimately leave our College with the skills and passion to make a world of difference. Great leadership arises from character, and genuine concern for the needs of others, inspiring action towards a shared vision and set of values. Being a leader of your own life means being accountable and responsible for one’s actions, decisions, failures, and successes. The Girls’ College encourages our young women to be independent and able to find solutions to their own issues and concerns as they navigate their high school journey. 


Finally, at the top of the pyramid is the notion of service. This is the highest level of the pyramid and can be strongly aligned to Maslow’s self-actualisation needs. This is a space where our students and teachers use their talents, capabilities, knowledge and passion to serve others, through empathy, compassion and with grace. Our College focuses on growing servant leaders who strive to build a school community rooted in the inherent worth and dignity of each member, with courage, humility and integrity. It is ultimately through serving and giving of ourselves that we establish that sense of fulfilment and ultimate happiness. To flourish, all four aspects, belonging, learning, leading and serving need to be firmly in place. 

The excitement of the personal journey of growth through the Girls’ College awaits you, a place of welcome and wonder where our girls find themselves and are supported in navigating their identities and unique place in the world.


1    Oades, L.G.; Jarden, A.; Hou, H.; Ozturk, C.; Williams, P.; Slemp, G.R.; Huang, L. Wellbeing Literacy: A Capability Model for Wellbeing Science and Practice. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2021, 18, 719.