Support for Psychological, Academic and Careers' Education

What we do

At St Stithians Boys’ College we believe in the nurturing of a holistic education that takes into account all facets of life and stages of development. We therefore have a department that supports learners with psychological and academic needs, and provides careers' education.

The Psychological Support Department

This department is staffed by clinical psychologist and Director of Psychological Services Sean Tumner and educational psychologist Greg Crighton.

It aims to assist learners in achieving a sense of well-being, socially, behaviourally, emotionally and psychologically. Psychologists ascribe to a unique code of ethics and are compelled to keep what is said in counselling confidential. The vision is optimal mental health and not only to provide support in challenging situations and circumstances.

Concerns dealt with by this department:

  • Enhancement of emotional intelligence and well-being
  • Optimisation of talent, potential and well-being
  • Improved self-concept and growth with regard to intrinsic motivation
  • Guidance and support on a variety of life issues
  • Change of ineffective and/or destructive behavioural patterns
  • Assistance with depression, stress, grief and anxiety
  • Help for the bullied and with bullying behaviour

The Academic Support Department

This department is staffed by Lidia Upton, Director of Academic Support; educational psychologist Greg Crighton, learning support specialists Gladys Ayaya (Director of Community Engagement) and Yvette Smith (registered counsellor). Boitumelo Kitime is also involved in academic support and teaches English as well as Life Orientation. 

It facilitates the development of organisational skills, study and assessment techniques, and goal setting. Assistance in the classroom and provision of teacher training and support to enhance the learning potential of students is also offered. The department also focuses on overcoming barriers to learning in an inclusive educational environment.

Learners who may need accommodations are identified, and the accommodations application process is managed. The department keeps parents informed of the application process. Once accommodations are granted, the administration and management of these accommodations are handled by learning support specialists.

Concerns dealt with by this department:

  • Learning support and organisation
  • Maximising learning potential
  • Academic accommodations and organisation thereof
  • Classroom assistance
  • Assessment of barriers to learning and development of instructional practices to facilitate learning
  • Assistance in creating individualised structured programmes
  • Designing and implementing student progress monitoring systems
  • Teacher training and support

The Careers' Education Department

This department focuses on helping boys choose suitable careers, as well as helping them decide which tertiary institutions and courses may best suit them.  Career assessments and counselling are available at SPACE.  Assistance is given to Grade 9 students in making the best subject choices for the FET phase of their schooling.

All queries and appointments are handled by our efficient office receptionist, Mrs Gia Ndaba.

Who we are:

Sean Tumner

Director of Psychological Services 

Greg Crighton

Educational Psychologist (also a reading specialist)

Lidia Upton

Director of Academic Support 

Gladys Ayaya

Learning Support Specialist (and Director of Community Engagement)

Yvette Smith

Registered Counsellor 

Boitumelo Kitime

Academic Support (also teaches English and Life Orientation)

Gia Ndaba

Office Receptionist


Contact us: 

Telephone: 011 577 6113

Location: Krige Block