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Boys' Prep Mother's Day Chapel Service

May 24, 2023 | Boys’ Preparatory
Mother's Day was celebrated by the Boys' Prep this year on Thursday 18 May in our beautiful chapel.
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The Value of Assessment

May 17, 2023 | Boys’ Preparatory
At Boys’ Prep, we believe that effective assessment is crucial to inspiring teaching practice. When asked about the value of assessment, one of our teachers put it quite simply. “Assessments help me to establish what I taught, how it was received by my students and what I should do next.”
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Boys' Prep Rites of Passage

January 31, 2023 | Boys’ Preparatory
One of the first rites of passage for a student as he begins his journey at St Stithians Boys’ Prep, is the Capping Ceremony which was recently held in the Chapel.
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Spirituality as one of the Seven Pillars of the College

November 08, 2022 | Boys’ Preparatory
The Chapel Stewards in the Boys' Prep share some of what makes their roles so special.
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Induction of Mr Sanele Majola as Head of School, Boys' Preparatory

October 14, 2022 | Boys’ Preparatory
Monday 10 October saw the Induction Service of Mr Sanele Majola as Head of the Boys’ Preparatory at St Stithians College, take place. The service was officiated over by Bishop Faith Whitby, the Central District Bishop of the Methodist Church of South Africa, and the College Chaplains. After the service, each boy in the Prep received a delicious doughnut in celebration.
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World Teachers' Day

October 05, 2022 | Boys’ Preparatory
The teachers in the Boys' Prep were celebrated today with a special message from Mr Sanele Majola, Head of School. The boys also showed their appreciation by handing their teachers special homemade cards, flowers picked from their gardens and sweet treats.
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Major Production of The Lorax

August 08, 2022 | Boys’ Preparatory
After what seemed like forever and a day since we last staged a Major Production, the blue velvet curtains of Mears Hall were finally drawn apart on Tuesday 19 July 2022 to the opening night of our special version of “The Lorax”.
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Welcome to Mr Sanele Majola

July 04, 2022 | Boys’ Preparatory
Mr Sanele Majola joins the St Stithians College community as Head of School in the Boys' Prep today, 04 July 2022.
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Farewell to Mr Fredericks

May 19, 2022 | Boys’ Preparatory
“It takes time to say goodbye to a legend, but it has been time so well spent…allowing the many, many people to whom Jakes Fredericks meant so much, to wish him well as he left for Mkanda …”
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PrepFest 2022, Rugby Buildup

April 04, 2022 | Boys’ Preparatory
Excitement mounts in the Prep Schools as PrepFest draws near.
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First Day Back in 2022

January 24, 2022 | Boys’ Preparatory
We welcomed all the new Grade Three boys and parents into the Boys' Prep on the first day of school. The Grade Seven buddies were all present in the car park, to accompany their little brothers to their class rooms, and help with those bags that looked so big for these little boys! Mr Fredericks also welcomed all the parents back to school for the new year school year in his Welcome Letter.
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Sport in the Boys' Prep

June 24, 2021 | Boys’ Preparatory
Sport plays a very important part in the life of a Boys' Prep student, and he is encouraged to attempt as many activities as possible, until he finds that one sport that he loves. We celebrate a few ways in which our boys have been keeping active over the past few months.
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