Matric results


The release of the Matric results is a watershed moment for our Grade 12s. After so many years of dedicated work, this is a moment of change. It is also change for parents and guardians as you watch your children stepping into the world as young adults, uniforms shed, and eager to test the waters of this new version of themselves.

I am confident that our Matrics go into their futures with the very best education that a school can offer. Our school is only as good as our staff and I am so proud to work with the calibre of staff that we have at St Stithians. I am grateful to all of our teachers for their care and dedication. I am equally grateful to the families who have supported their daughters and sons through what is always a challenging year. They needed you and you were there for them.

In celebration of our 70th year, the theme for 2023 was taken from the inscription on the foundation stone in the Chapel: “A Legacy of Happy Fulfilment.” A legacy is a gift passed down by those who have gone before, and what an incredible foundation for their lives our alumni have gifted to our Matrics. The Class of 2023 adds its own legacy to the College, and even though they have now left, their time here will always be woven into both our history and theirs.

This cohort of Matrics has set the bar high for those following in their footsteps. It has been a delight to see the Boys’ and Girls’ Colleges working so closely together. They have made a difference in their individual schools and to the College as a whole. They were instrumental in developing  great pride  in their schools, resulting in an elevated school spirit. As a group, they have much to celebrate in all the pillars. This is not surprising as they displayed an incredible work ethic. They were focused, determined and authentic. Apart from their school achievements, they are just wonderful young people.

As a school, we are firmly committed to our Methodist values and the Fruits of the Spirit. This has been a year of heartache and loss for the school and for a number of our Saints families. It is when we are so deeply challenged that those values hold and anchor us. This campus is a place of sanctuary and beauty where we can find comfort in so many quiet places. The Outdoor Chapel is a constant reminder to “Be still and know”. When life is hard, I hope that the values learnt here will continue to provide courage and comfort.

The announcement of results unlocks the possibility of a life of happy fulfilment. It is the bridge into a future where fulfilment may be found in tertiary education, in striding the stages of the world, in building a business, in lives of service or whatever will allow for the finding and living a life of purpose. None of this would be possible without our St Stithians teachers at the Junior Prep, the Boys’ Prep, the Girls’ Prep and Kamoka Bush School, and those teachers at all the other primary and high schools, who have dedicated themselves to making this achievable for each of our students. I am proud to be a member of this College as we embrace inclusion and make this a place of academic support and safety for all. I celebrate the results of all who have worked and who have achieved their personal goals.

When the results of the Boys’ College and the Girls’ College are combined, our 235 candidates achieved a 100% Matric pass rate, a 98.3 % Bachelor’s Degree (BD) pass rate, and a total of 612 subject distinctions (80% or more).  5 students achieved the St Stithians Summa Cum Laude award – an average of 90% and above.  A total of 171 students achieved an average of 70% or above.  20 Students achieved 32 subject marks in the top 1% of all IEB candidates across 13 subjects.

Reflecting our model of a College of Schools, the results of the Boys’ College and the Girls’ College are published separately.  Please click on the links below for each school.

Girls’ College Matric Results 2023                                         Boys’ College Matric Results 2023


These academic results combine with the College’s values, leadership, spirituality, culture, sport, outdoor education and community engagement to create the hallmarks of a St Stithians education.    

Our graduating Matrics join an illustrious and significant community of alumni, and we look forward to them staying in contact with, and contributing to, the College as Old Stithians and as parents of the future. Once a Saint, Always a Saint.

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