Dukes' Tour to the UK and Ireland: A Musical Journey of Discovery

April 11, 2024 | Boys’ College

Dukes' Tour to the UK and Ireland: A Musical Journey of Discovery

We are thrilled to share with you the incredible experience of The Dukes' recent tour to the UK and Ireland, where music, culture, and adventure intertwined to create unforgettable memories.

The journey began with a prestigious invitation from Vox Anima London, inviting The Dukes to participate in the World Premiere of a newly composed musical work, "A Mosaic Mass," alongside the Grammy-nominated vocal ensemble, Voces8, and five choirs from the US. This remarkable event took place in the illustrious Cadogan Hall, the home of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Despite the grandeur of the occasion, The Dukes held their ground, delivering a confident and soul-stirring performance after three days of intensive rehearsals and workshops under the guidance of conductor Barnaby Smith, the artistic director of Voces8.

Between rehearsals, our talented boys seized the opportunity to immerse themselves in London's cultural scene. From iconic landmarks to interactive workshops with the cast of "The Lion King" and a mesmerizing evening at the Lyceum Theatre. Additionally, they had the chance to step into the world of Vincent van Gogh at the Van Gogh immersive experience. Through virtual reality exhibits, they were transported into the vibrant, swirling landscapes and emotional depth of van Gogh's paintings, gaining a newfound appreciation for the artist's genius and vision.

Next stop: Dublin, where The Dukes delved into the heart of Irish culture. They honed their rhythmic skills in an Irish music workshop, transitioning from African djembe drumming to Celtic Bodhran drums with infectious enthusiasm. Exploring Dublin's treasures, from the historic Book of Kells to the rhythms of the Irish rock and roll museum, enriched their understanding of this vibrant city.

In Belfast, the adventure continued with visits to the Titanic Experience and the Game of Thrones Studio Tour, sparking the imaginations of The Dukes with tales of history and fantasy. Their visit to the Butlers Chocolate Factory was a culinary adventure like no other. Guided by expert chocolatiers, the boys rolled up their sleeves and embraced the art of chocolate decoration, channeling their creativity into crafting their own Easter eggs. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Ireland, they also indulged in traditional Irish fare and warm hospitality.

Throughout their journey, The Dukes had the privilege of collaborating with local choirs and sharing their vibrant African repertoire and energetic gumboot dancing. From performing alongside the Ballinteer Male Voice Choir to impromptu performances in restaurants and historic locations like Carrickfergus Castle, each interaction was a celebration of cultural exchange and shared passion for music.

As The Dukes reflect on their whirlwind tour, they carry with them not only cherished memories but also a deeper appreciation for the power of music to unite people across continents and cultures. Their journey was more than just a series of performances; it was a testament to the transformative potential of shared experiences and the enduring bonds forged through music and exploration.

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