St Stithians Boys' College offers full boarding school facilities, providing a rich, varied, comfortable and nurturing home for boys in the heart of our beautiful campus.

There are two houses in which the boys are organised into well-functioning and small family units: each unit consists of 21 boys of different grades headed by a Family Parent, who is an experienced educator, and who will be responsible for the pastoral care of your son.

The low staff-to-student ratio of 1:11 allows us to offer close mentorship and personal attention. In this manner, the Housemasters are able to establish an inter-personal relationship with each student as an individual – not merely as a student – and thereby offer him appropriate help and support. In the St Stithians Boarding Houses, we seek to create a respectful environment in which we value the space and privacy required by the boys, as well as the need for camaraderie and sharing.

The boys live comfortably in single rooms or in dormitories: they enjoy individualised space in the dormitories as juniors, and then move into their own room once they become a senior. The bathrooms are structured to ensure each student has his own separate and enclosed space.

They can also enjoy the friendliness of the many communal areas in which they meet to play games, read newspapers, chat or, at certain times, watch television. Furthermore, the boys have access to a library, computer links at each desk, a gym and a soundproof music room; all this in addition to easy access to the playing fields, pools and dams on the campus. The College Dining Hall is essential to the morale of the boys, as well as to their nutrition.


Our caterers provide three meals a day in our beautiful dining hall, where staff and pupils gather at mealtimes and enjoy an informal but civilised atmosphere. There are choices at lunch and supper to cater for all tastes, and provision is readily made for special dietary needs.

Our aim is to grow each boy in our care into becoming a young gentleman capable of coping with the demands of the modern world. Our staff are trained to be able to deal with the adolescent male and also to understand the needs of boys, the thinking of boys and how to develop masculinity.

Values such as honour, valour, honesty and tolerance are important cornerstones of our boarding model, in which the students are members of a multicultural and multi-national community. We provide a structured environment in which your son can learn to become a responsible and independent young man. As we strive, together with you, towards excellence in all spheres of your son's life, he will be given opportunities to lead and become a mentor to others.


At the same time he will have the opportunity, through easy access to all facilities, to develop as a sportsman, to foster an interest in cultural activities, music and the arts, and to focus on his academic studies. Above all, the boys thoroughly enjoy boarding. The respectful relationships between seniors and juniors, and the close friendships, allow them to feel at home here at St Stithians and enable them to express themselves openly.

We are much more than merely a school: we produce self-reliant, confident and participative young men.

Should you wish a tour of the boarding houses, please contact the Marketing department, or the Director of Boarding, Mr Luke Hartley, at