Saints Girls' College makes water polo history

November 07, 2023 | Girls’ College | Author: Etienne Le Roux

The 2022/2023 Girls' College 1st water polo squad has indeed achieved a remarkable feat in the world of South African ladies’ water polo. Their record of remaining unbeaten in all 60 games played throughout the year and winning eight different tournaments, including six national tournaments, is truly outstanding. This level of success undoubtedly cements their place in South African Schools’ water polo history.

The eight tournaments they won, including the Roedean Prestige Cup 2022, St Stithians Invitational 2022, Kingswood National Tournament, National Aquatics, Old Petrian's National Tournament, Reef Cup, St Anne's National Tournament, and Roedean Prestige Cup in 2023, demonstrate their consistent excellence against some of the best teams and schools in the country. These achievements speak volumes about the dedication and skill of the team.

This success is a result of the players' unwavering commitment and countless hours spent in the pool and gym, as well as the sacrifices they made to achieve their goals. It's important to acknowledge the support from parents and the entire Saints water polo community, as their encouragement and involvement played a crucial role in this achievement.

It's important to also celebrate the remarkable dedication and expertise of the coaches who have played an instrumental role in guiding the 2022/2023 Girls' College 1st water polo squad to their extraordinary success. Behind every victorious team, there are dedicated coaches who impart their knowledge, mentorship, and guidance. These coaches have invested countless hours in refining the players' skills, fostering teamwork, and instilling a winning mentality.

The team's ability to inspire younger players to be their best and serve as role models is a testament to their leadership and sportsmanship. The matric group of 2023, who led the team to this amazing success, has set a high standard for future players to follow.

Congratulations to the 2022/2023 Girls' College 1st water polo squad for their historic achievements and for embodying the spirit of #saintsexcellence. Their dedication, hard work, and sportsmanship are sure to leave a lasting legacy in South African water polo. We look forward to witnessing even more success from future teams inspired by their outstanding example.

Congratulations #OneAndAll.

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