MeLT Program - providing quality education and offering academic excellence

June 06, 2018 | Boys’ College

St Stithians Boys’ College prides itself in providing quality education and offering academic excellence. We expect our boys to be engaged in the educational process and offer a range of teaching styles to achieve this. Our MeLT (Mobile e-Learning and Teaching) program supports all aspects of the learning and teaching at the college. Our staff continually work on ways to find innovative methods to integrate the use of technology to enrich their lessons across the curriculum. All boys are expected to have either a tablet or laptop at school every day to use in their lessons.

Our MeLT vision allows each boy to have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes to be engaged, successful lifelong learners in an ever-changing society and capable of positively shaping their future.


A few highlights include:

The English department have designed an engaging ongoing syllabus for the boys, that includes different interesting tasks, most of which are done online. One of the tasks for term 1 was “The Round Square Discoveries”, and the boys had to create an infographic around this theme.

Every Friday, during our Academic Rotation Period, we have been concentrating on helping our boys develop positive digital footprints and explore responsible use of social media. The development of sound research skills and how to spot fake news have also been covered during these sessions.

Digital breakouts - A digital breakout is a game that can be developed for any subject, where groups work on solving clues to solve locks and “break out”. These games develop skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration. We have run a variety of these games this year: Pi Day was celebrated using a digital breakout competition between Kearsney College, Boys’ and Girls’ College. This was enjoyed by all who took part.

Augmented and Virtual Reality - Our boys are taken on Virtual Reality tours, such as into the heart and the nervous system, or to a re-enactment of WW1 Trenches using Google Expeditions and Google Cardboard. We also use Augmented Reality to show the heart and lungs in 3D.

Stop Motion - Our boys create stop motion videos for topics such as Mitosis in Life Sciences, WW2 battles in History and natural disasters in Geography.

Online assessments - Our staff use many forms of online assessments for formal testing as well as revision tests.

Robotic club - Our robotic club meets every week. We teach our boys to code using many platforms as well as robots and Micro:bits. Sphero robots have been used in Life Sciences to revise the digestive system and in Maths for drawing graphs and exploring Pythagoras’ Theorem.