Dale Carnegie Generation.Next Course

October 28, 2021 | Girls’ College

Some of our Grade 11s participated in the Dale Carnegie Generation.Next course this year. The course has been successfully run over the past few years in both the Girls’ and Boys’ Colleges. This course, which comes highly recommended for senior students, sets out to develop young people’s EQ and is suitable for individuals looking to acquire growth in terms of self-confidence, socialisation, assertiveness and the development of leadership skills.

The 8-session programme usually runs over 2 months, but this year took 5 months due to challenges presented by the pandemic. The course presenters have thanked Ms Esmé Momberg for her commitment and flexibility in making sure that the course happened.

Two mixed groups of BC and GC students participated in the course. The Highest Award for Achievement is determined by peer vote and is awarded to the person who each group feels best exemplifies the attitudes and skills the programme sets out to instill, who has been consistent in their application, participation and preparation and who showed significant growth as a result. Rachel Mutambara received this award from her group. Congratulations!

Here's what some of our students had to say about the course:

Rachel Mutambara: The creative ways in which it teaches the different skills keeps people very engaged - 3 hours never felt so short! Valuable feedback was given to each student, ensuring everybody got the specific care they deserve.

Amelia Raath: I was terrified to voice my opinion or start conversations, but I have become a more confident person and removed a large amount of my insecurities. I have increased my number of friends exponentially and formed relationships with the most unexpected people. This course is the best thing I have done for myself. 

Caelan Niemand: Dale Carnegie has helped me reduce my worry and stress around school work. I’ve learnt how to manage my time better.

Sonya Nyazema: Before Dale, if I was bad at something I would either avoid it entirely or give up easily. However, these sessions have taught me the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things - even if you aren’t good at them.

Shaelea Penberthy: It has helped me realise the type of person I want to be and has helped me start being that person. It allowed me to meet so many awesome people and taught me how to connect better with them, which helped build my self-confidence. And it was so much fun.

Emmi Parker: I have learnt to speak with my heart and capture the attention of those who I need to hear me.

Ruvimbo Samakande: I may not yet be close to the best version of myself, but I know for a fact that I am a prouder, more confident, happier, better person than I was before this experience began.


Rachel Mutambara - Recipient of Highest Award for Achievement