Nelson Mandela School SleepOut – Brand Ambassador

July 11, 2018 | Boys’ College

Brandon Upfold (grade 11) applied to the Nelson Mandela Foundation and CEO SleepOut Foundation to be an Ambassador for the Youth of South Africa. The Ambassador’s duties will be to represent the schools of each province through various press events and to use their influence and voice to spread the message of positive social change to their peers.

Brandon’s application process required an interview and three essays on – “Nelson Mandela”, “The importance of Education” and the “State of homeless people in South Africa”. 


He recently attended the Ambassadors Camp over half term at Liliesleaf and at Thabisang Primary School. For Brandon this was an extremely informative and inspirational day. Sleeping outside trying to make a small difference in the country we live in, right next to where Nelson Mandela slept at Liliesleaf, as he dreamt of a new better South Africa, was an experience that has deeply impacted Brandon, changing his life and given him the motivation to do more.

Brandon says that he is extremely honoured to be an ambassador, he cannot wait for the rest of the year and hopes to BE a part of the change he wants to see.


We are very proud of you Brandon!