1st Team Hockey Tour - Hibbert Shield 2024

May 23, 2024 | Boys’ College

Our 1st Team Hockey Players spent the last few days of their school holidays in the Eastern Cape for an intense two-day training camp followed by the prestigious Hibbert Shield hosted by Grey High School.

Two days of rigorous training set the stage for the upcoming challenges. The boys pushed their limits, preparing for the tough competition ahead. The tournament kicked off with a challenging match against the well-drilled Westville team. Despite their best efforts and a goal from Aidan Blatch, the team lost 2-1, making for a tough start.

The team’s day began early, with breakfast at 5:45am, a team talk at 6:15am, and a match against Paul Roos at 7:30am. Despite a positive start, the boys faced a formidable opponent and suffered an 8-1 defeat from an exceptional and clinical Paul Roos.

With both pool games lost, the team entered the 9 -12 play-off bracket. An early warm-up led to a 7:30am match against Pearson. A goal by Matt Eichweber secured a narrow victory, marking a promising start to the day. The second game was against Selborne College. Despite the final score of 6-1, the match was closer than it appeared, with many missed opportunities. Bruce Venter scored the lone goal.

The last day saw the team warm up under the beautiful Eastern Cape sunrise for a 7am match against Clifton. The game was lively, with both teams playing aggressively. Despite injuries, the boys fought back from a goal down twice, thanks to a brace from Aidan Blatch, showcasing their courage and determination.

The tournament was a valuable learning experience for the boys and the coaching staff. These lessons were crucial in their preparation for the prestigious Aitken Tournament.

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