Independent Boys' Schools' Hockey Festival

September 06, 2017 | Boys’ Preparatory | Author: Mr Q Pascoe

The Independent Boys' Schools' Hockey Festival hosted by Highbury from 31 August -  2 September proved to be a highlight of the holiday for our preparatory team.

The bus trip shared with The Ridge, St Johns and KEPS started the weekend with great entertainment as the various squads enjoyed the chance to interact, play music and share humour and sports stories with each other.

It was however, the physical skill set, strategy, temperament and fair play approach to hockey which really brought to light the wonderful joy of the game of hockey: the wonderful joy of touring and the wonderful joy of being part of a team which, at every opportunity, represented our school with a drive to perform well yet remained humble and level-headed no matter the final result of each game.

Our team experienced the contributions learnt from defeats and a draw as well as the jubilation of scoring first, scoring in each game and scoring 4 goals within a game. Whilst this was our first fixture for the season with limited opportunity to practice as a squad, each boy returned with a greater appreciation of his own ability and the part he plays within the team. What is unanimously shared by each boy is a great excitement and anticipation for the forthcoming hockey season.

Mr Lennox and Mr Pascoe were once again afforded many fond memories not only of hockey skill and sportsmanship but, the finer nuances and individual distinction that our preparatory boys display.

Our touring parents added further to the experience as they contributed a great deal of encouragement, positivity and support to all the boys and staff.

Wishing our First Team and all our hockey age groups all the best for the 2017 hockey season.