World Festival of Recycled Fashion!

July 31, 2018 | Girls’ Preparatory | Author: Sian May & Sam Veldman

Weeks of dedicated cutting, glue-gunning, measuring and stitching culminated in a glorious evening of sound, laughter, smiles, lights and awesome recycled outfits as produced by the learners. From the drawing of their designs, to the sourcing of recyclable materials, which ranged from old CDs, to chicken-wire, empty coffee pods and plastic milk bottles, the girls created masterful pieces, which were worn with pride. Choreography was another important element of the show and displayed the girls’ ability to devise suitable modelling routines. Despite the fact that it was far from easy to move in rhythm when tied to a cardboard bodice, performances were polished and graceful and provided the audience with one and a half hours of slick entertainment. By the end of the evening, parents, staff and the pupils were unanimous that the real winner was: ‘Technology: reduce, reuse and recycle’!