Welcome back!

June 27, 2020 | Junior Preparatory

Over the past 2 weeks we welcomed back the children to the Junior Prep. They were divided into 2 groups: the blue and the red group. Each group came on a different day. There was excitement in the JP Hall as the children and their parents completed the screening process before the children were taken to their classrooms. The children were excited to see their friends in person, even if they couldn’t hug them or be close to them. In class they were welcomed by their class teacher and went to find their lockers to hang their lunch boxes and then found their desks. They had a Zoom check in with the other children who were at home, which was a lot of fun! The children at home had an opportunity to ask the children in the class how things were going and how they felt about learning in the new environment. The children had a good day and remembered to keep their masks on, to sanitize their hands and to stay in their allocated places. The first phase went really well and we look forward to the second phase after half term.