Très bien! Excellence in International French Examinations

February 10, 2020 | Girls’ College | Author: Mr Bernadin Bango – Head of Subject: French

Last year, eight students in Grade 11 and 12 sat the DELF A2 examination, obtaining a combined average of 91.5%.

The DELF (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française) examinations are international benchmarking examinations that test proficiency in the French language at various levels. Over 400 000 students from 179 countries worldwide sit these examinations at different levels at the Alliances Françaises of their respective countries. The certificates are issued by the French Ministry of Education, they bear European norms and standards of reference, and are internationally recognised in the EU, at universities and other francophone countries.

The certificates for the A2 DELF examinations were presented to the four Grade 11 (now Matric) students on Friday. Chiyedza Chimunda, Jessica James, Tayla Orsmond and Daniella Wanketa had a class average of 93%, with Jessica James scoring the highest mark of 98%!

The 2019 Matrics who wrote the A2 examinations with the Grade 11s were Zanele Nzau, Kundra Oosthuizen, Kimberley Thackwray and Louisa Zainal. In addition to this, Kundra and Kimberley studied for the B1 DELF examination on their own during their final year. They both achieved extremely pleasing results and have left high school not only with excellent French marks on their Matric certificates, but with additional internationally recognised qualifications.

The Girls’ College French Department has integrated preparing for the DELF examinations into its syllabus and to date, students have passed the A2 and B1 levels impressively.

Mr Bernadin Bango, Tayla Orsmond, Jessica James, Chiyedza Chimunda and Daniella Wanketa.

Kundra Oosthuizen

Kimberley Thackwray

Zanele Nzau

Louisa Zainal