Soccer fever in the Junior Prep!

May 24, 2019 | Junior Preparatory

Break time on Thursday was filled with great excitement as the match of all matches took place on the Grade R ‘soccer field’. The Grade 1 children played a soccer match against the Grade R children. This wasn’t your average soccer game because the teams consisted of many players for both sides. The referee for the match was Coach Maake assisted by Aunty Maggie. The Grade R children were put under pressure and the odds looked in favour of the Grade 1 boys and girls winning. The spectators were cheering loudly for their teams and you could see they were watching the game intensely. Other areas of the fields around the school were deserted as most of the children had gathered to watch the match. The Grade 2 children were on the fence as to who to support. After first break, which was dubbed ‘half time’, the Grade R children were leading after an excellent goal and the Grade 1 children vowed to make a comeback. Second half was even more exciting because the Grade 1 children wanted to win but the Grade R children wanted to maintain their lead, so it was an intense nail biting game. In the end the winners of the match were the Grade R boys and girls....they won 2-1. They were so thrilled with their win and ran around excitedly. The children learnt all about team work and camaraderie, as at the end of the match they congratulated each other and said they looked forward to a match replay.