Long Service Award Anna Rammupya

September 07, 2021 | Girls’ Preparatory | Author: Brigitte Brown

Here is a short excerpt from the article.  

Anna Rammupya, parent of two children (boy 27 years old, who is an electric engineer, and a 16 year-old girl, currently in Grade 10)

How would your family and friends describe you?

As a hard worker, I am the only graduate out of the six children my mother birthed.


Brief background

When I started here at Saints I only had a matric certificate. After matric, I wanted to be a nurse but my sister had a car accident that year so I had to come to Johannesburg to take care of her. She used to work for Darrel Webb, who at that time was a teacher at Boys’ Prep and lived in house number four. I always wanted to further my studies but because of my disadvantaged background and my mother’s inability to fund my studies. I believe that my lack of knowledge about bursaries at that time placed me in a disadvantaged position. I always used to think that only people who are wealthy or have enough money are the only ones that go to varsities to pursue their dreams and those that didn’t have any money would be nobodies. I started here as a temp cleaner in 1996 based in Junior Prep, then moved to Girls’ College still as a temp cleaner. I applied for a photocopier post at GC and was successful, and I was then fortunate to be taught how to answer the phone at reception. I was required to stand in for the receptionist when she went on lunch and during the school holidays. I then took on the role of being an office administrator in the GC counselling department, when the lady who fulfilled that role resigned. After that, I became a library assistant in GC which now includes GP as well. 

Anna now has a Bachelors of Information Science.