Leave A Growing Legacy 2021

October 12, 2021 | Girls’ College

This year the Matrics of 2021 kindly donated 17 trees to the Girls’ College. This forms part of a campaign called “Leave a growing legacy” that was established in 2017. The trees were planted along the embankment overlooking Jamieson Field.  Over 50 trees have been donated since 2017 to the Girls’ College alone as part of the Legacy campaign. We are truly fortunate to be surrounded by such a beautiful campus and we thank these students for their donation.  

The following students donated:

  • Emma Aitken
  • Cassidy Arendse 
  • Erin Bastion 
  • Bailey Davenport  
  • Kaileen Govender
  • Bailey Heydra
  • Ashley Jackson
  • Veronica Keys  
  • Bella Knibbs
  • Jenna Kohler
  • Tasmin Lee  
  • Jenna Loughor-Clarke 
  • Adanna Matsoso
  • Amy McCarthy
  • Dayna McCarthy  
  • Nikola O’Brien  
  • Dhenira Pillay
  • Shannon Reid
  • Erin Stockigt
  • Simone Taylor
  • Skye Tucker
  • Ashton Van Heerden
  • Jenna White


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