Grade Two Family Picnic and Barn Dance Evening

March 08, 2019 | Junior Preparatory

Our Grade Two Family Picnic and Barn Dance evening was a huge success thanks to the weather and our enthusiastic parents and children.  The excitement and spirit of fun shown by all of our families was a joy to see.  Each child had decorated either a cowboy boot or hat to add to our colourful bunting, which added colour and décor to the hall.  Children proudly showed-off either their boot or hat which was so well received by parents.  A child said ‘I’m so excited for tonight, I have horse-riding this afternoon and won’t even need to take my shoes off!’  This year the evening aimed to encompass the Saints community spirit and forge friendships whilst enjoying an outdoor picnic and engaging in some barn dancing. The Saints ethos encourages valuable relationship building and this function created the opportunity for our parents to socialise as Saints families.   It was a wonderful evening enjoyed by all, especially the children!  Thank you to our parents for putting on those barn dancing boots and appreciating the opportunity to spend this precious family time together on a school night.