Grade R Sports Day

October 04, 2019 | Junior Preparatory

On Tuesday 1 October the Grade Rs participated in their annual Sports Day. The chilly weather wasn’t a factor as the children were so excited to showcase all their hard work and skills to their parents and special visitors.

The children walked to the assembly point one class at a time, while everyone cheered for them. They could be seen waving and searching for their special supporter, and once they spotted their special person they eagerly showed their friends.

To kickstart this sporting event the children chanted the school war cry and a special one just for the Grade R Sports Day. From there they went to their various starting points followed by their supporters.

The Grade Two leaders were at the stations to assist the coaches and cheer the Grade Rs on.

There were 7 stations for the children to complete: balancing, long jump, sprints, hurdles, relays, shot put and an obstacle course.

The children had so much fun at each station and you could see their confidence as they had learnt the different skills during their class Phys Ed lessons.

The spectators cheered them on and gave them high fives upon completion of each station. The Grade Two leaders were heard telling the Grade R children that they should focus on having fun and that if their hats fell off they shouldn’t worry, they should just carry on. After all the stations were completed it was time for the parents and siblings special races. The ladies went first, then the gentlemen and lastly the siblings had a race.

It was a beautiful morning and we thank Mrs Smith and the Grade R team for making sure that the morning ran smoothly.