Grade R Sports Day

October 26, 2018 | Junior Preparatory

Recently the Grade R’s had their annual Sports Day. The weather was sunny and the children were in high spirits, excited that they would be getting an opportunity to showcase all the skills they had learnt in Phys Ed lessons. Some children were overheard saying they couldn’t sleep the night before because they were so excited about the Sports Day.

 All their supporters were seated on the stands at the Prep Field and the different classes got a chance to parade and wave as they were called up to the cheers of everyone. The morning kicked off with the school war cry followed by a special war cry that the children had learnt just for the morning. Thereafter the children dispersed to the various stations ready for the siren to sound indicating they could start.

 As part of the Leadership program, the Grade 2 children were there to help out at the different stations.There were 7 stations that the parents and special guests saw the children participate in. There was long jump, hurdles, shot put, obstacle course, relays, sprints and balancing.

It was lovely to see how the parents were ready to jump in and assist when needed at the relay station much to the excitement of the children because it meant that they ran against an adult.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities. The parents cheers just gave them the extra burst of energy and spring in their step. They had smiles on their faces the whole time and you could see the sense of pride upon completion of each activity. At the end of the sports day the children sat down and cheered their parents who participated in the different fun activities. In years gone by the parents would run, but this year the script was flipped, the parents had to play games and work together as a team to complete relay races. When Mrs Smith explained what they had to do you could see the panic on their faces but once the whistle was blown they got into game mode and had so much fun all the while laughing and smiling.  It was a true community of belonging as they cheered and high fived each other upon completion.

It was a fantastic morning and thank you One & All for your support and participation.