Grade R Special Person's Day

September 22, 2023 | Junior Preparatory

Last term the Grade R children had their annual “Special Person's Day”. They invited special people in their lives to spend the morning at school.

Grade 2 leaders waited at the different entrances to welcome the visitors and then walked them to the different classes.

Upon arrival in the class, the guests were greeted with excited hugs, kisses and smiles. They each received a gift and card, that had been lovingly made by the children, to commemorate the day.

When everyone had arrived, the guests were welcomed by the teacher and the children got an opportunity to sing, dance and recite some poems. You could see that they had practiced really hard: they had smiles on their faces throughout their performance, stealing an occasional wave and wink. The guests thoroughly enjoyed watching the children perform and even got to join in a dance at the end.

A delicious tea awaited the guests afterwards. The Grade R children joined their special guest outside for a chat and refreshments. It was delightful to see them spending time together and being introduced to the children’s friends.  Afterwards, the children could be seen proudly walking their guests around the Grade R block, showing them their art and telling them all the things they are learning about.

It was a very special morning.