Grade R Family Chapel Service

February 07, 2020 | Junior Preparatory

On Friday 31 January the Grade R class of 2020 were welcomed into the St Stithians family with a special Chapel service. Parents were invited to attend the Chapel service and as each Grade R girl and boy entered the Chapel they reached up to ring the bell. They then walked proudly down the aisle, giving mom and dad a little smile or wave as they passed. The sound of the Chapel bell ringing out 161 times was indeed a joyous sound! The children had learnt a few new hymns and sang with great confidence and joy. Reverend Thandeka shared a lovely message related to the story of the Good Samaritan, linking it to the beautiful stained glass window above the altar in the Chapel. At the end of the service the Grade R children were surprised with a special gift of welcome, a teddy, from Mrs Harris on behalf of St Stithians College. As the Saints Teddy was awarded to each child with a handshake and special words of welcome from Mrs Harris, the children’s delighted smiles lit up the Chapel. Teddies were hugged tightly as the newest members of St Stithians College received their gift and the official welcome to the College. We wish our Grade R children every happiness and blessing as they start their exciting school journey.