Grade R Fairy Tale Dress Up & Grade 10 Synergy Morning

November 02, 2018 | Junior Preparatory

Friday 26 October was an exciting and busy day in Grade R. The children came to school dressed as their favourite Fairy Tale character to celebrate the completion of our wonderful Fairy Tale theme. We focused on our inquiry based question “What do Fairy Tales teach us?’ The children looked amazing in their creative outfits and they had so much fun guessing which characters their friends were dressed as. We had a parade in the Dace Hall.

After all this excitement, it was our synergy day with the Grade 10 College girls. As part of their curriculum the Grade 10 girls design, write and illustrate their own story books. This year the theme was ‘heroes”. The Grade 10’s came to the Junior Prep and read their books to the Grade R children. This was such a wonderful addition to our Fairy Tale theme. It is always so exciting for our children to experience these cross-campus educational interactions. The children were spellbound as they listened to the creative stories and were even given the chance to act out parts of the stories with their Grade 10 ‘big sisters’. The books were so delightful that we displayed them in the Grade R foyer for our parents to admire.

It is exciting days like these that the children will remember forever along their school journey.