June 07, 2021 | Girls’ Preparatory | Author: Zahraa Nakooda

The Grade 5s have had such fun exploring their heritage these last few weeks. There were some meaningful conversations, insightful debates and a deep understanding of self and others. All these moments were crucial to the development of our girls understanding and appreciation of our diverse community. As part of our inquiry, the girls discovered why people settled in South Africa, how people migrated into Southern Africa and explored the diversity within our country. 

They used Keynote to design their own family coat of arms and family trees, they held heart-warming  interviews with grandparents and great grandparents, and they performed traditional dances, songs and poetry to name a few. Our girls also prepared delicious traditional foods which were so welcome on the first day of winter! To mark the culmination of  a successful UOI, the Grade 5s hosted a book launch showcasing their own autobiographies; highlighting how their unique stories add to the diversity of our school and our country. As teachers, we were amazed by the girls’ ability to write and narrate their stories. 

What emerged through this process, were confident young girls who are proud of their heritage. 

Well done to each girl who worked tirelessly on their autobiography.

Kopano ke matla. There is strength in unity.