Grade 5 Camp Out

June 11, 2024 | Girls’ Preparatory

In keeping with a valued tradition at Girls' Prep, each grade participates in an annual Dads and Daughters/Special Person event. This fosters a strong sense of community, connection, and the true spirit of St Stithians within each grade.

This past Saturday was no different. Our intrepid Grade 5 students, along with their fathers or special companions, braved the crisp Joburg winter weather for a memorable campout on Lower Dam Field. The afternoon kicked off with a valuable self-defence class, equipping the students with essential protective skills and knowledge. As the evening progressed, everyone enjoyed lively conversations and community building around crackling braai fires.

A heartfelt thank you to the incredible Grade 5 parents who played a pivotal role in organising the event. Their thoughtful touch was evident in the personalised packs filled with hot chocolate, marshmallows, and other camping treats, ensuring the students had an unforgettable experience. How special to think that life-long memories are created with something as simple as a campout with your loved one.