Announcement: GC Student Leadership Executive 2022/2023

June 23, 2022 | Girls’ College

The GC is proud to announce its Student Leadership Executive for the 2022/2023 leadership cycle.

Over the course of the past month, our Grade 11 aspiring student leaders have gone through the comprehensive leadership election process. Students had to apply for a leadership position through the submission of a detailed covering letter and CV, as well as the creation of a video to introduce themselves, their motivation, and their leadership philosophy. The Girls’ College students and staff were invited to ​view their videos and then to vote online​ for their preferred candidate, with our Grade 11 student vote carrying the most weight. The top four students who emerged as successful candidates from the voting process underwent a series of panel interviews. Each candidate participated in three interviews, with each panel consisting of members of the GC ​and BC staff and current GC and BC Matric leaders.

Jozi Nupen

Head Girl

Jozi understands the needs of her peers and initiates activities that allow everyone to feel noticed and included. Her passion for working with people and facilitating difficult conversation comes from her Round Square experiences both in Namibia and as a Baraza Leader for the Round Square International Conference in 2021. It also comes from her wide range of engagements in a number of contexts that have led to her appreciation of the beauty of diversity. Jozi is compassionate and collaborative by nature and is very comfortable engaging in conversations with people from all walks of life.


Please scroll down for the names, photos and bios of the Deputy Head Girls.



Deputy Head Girl

Rufaro does not shy away from hard work and has consistently volunteered to lead and serve. Her experiences in leadership positions have allowed her to learn the many skills that will be needed to be a servant leader at the Girls’ College. Rufaro has made a point of participating fully in the life of the school and participates with equal enthusiasm and commitment in the academic, sporting, leadership committee and community engagement spheres of the school. The love and passion that she has for the school drives her to want to make it a welcoming place for all that attend.


Liyakhanya (Khanya) Ndamane

Deputy Head Girl

Khanya is an enthusiastic and kind student. She takes initiative and her peers greatly respect her. Khanya is an exceptional role model in the water polo community and her grade. Khanya’s heart is in serving her fellow students, and this allows her peers to share their achievements and challenges with her. Her stable countenance allows others to trust her to have their best interests at heart. Khanya’s experiences in high-level sport have taught her the value of teamwork and servant leadership