GC Round Square Rainbow Week 2022

June 08, 2022 | Girls’ College | Author: Mrs Peta Hanly


Kurt Hahn

Round Square is at the heart of the St Stithians Girls’ College ethos. It promotes an all-encompassing, experiential approach to education. This is achieved through the spirit of the IDEALS: Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service. 

At the beginning of June, we take time to celebrate the IDEALS in Round Square Rainbow Week. This is significant in so many ways for our community at Girls’ College and for the South African nation. During Rainbow Week, which commemorates the birthday of the founder of the Round Square Organisation, German educationalist Kurt Hahn, we focus on two of the most important Round Square DISCOVERIES: Appreciation for Diversity and Compassion. These are among the 12 Round Square DISCOVERIES which are at the heart of our experiential learning programme.

It is no coincidence that Rainbow Week also coincides with Pride Month. It has also been a month where our community has embraced internationalism. So far this year, we have welcomed seven international exchange students and there are more on their way.  Over 20 of our Grade 10 and 11 students will have had the opportunity to participate in overseas exchanges, conferences or visits, and we are hoping to expand the scope of our programme in future years.

As a school, we are moving into the time of year where we elect our new leaders for 2023. The voting process provides a taste of both Democracy and Leadership in action. We are proud that elections are run by our student body and offer every student a platform and a voice.

During Term 2, our Grade 9 students have been out at Kamoka Bush School, where they have learnt about environmental sustainability and have had the adventure of a lifetime. They also engaged in Service projects at two of the local schools. On the subject of Community Engagement, this year has seen the introduction of two important initiatives: Boost-a-Buddy and the Accessible Service Club (ASC). In addition, our Round Square Bee Day initiative has raised enough funds to introduce 20 hives at Kamoka as well as staff training and equipment.

Ultimately, Round Square Rainbow Week is all about appreciating and embracing different cultures and the diversity of the people around us. It is about uniting to form a beautiful rainbow that brings hope at a time when hope is desperately needed.


You can see all the DISCOVERIES on the new plaques decorating the walls of the Acquisto Quad