Discovery Day

April 06, 2018 | Junior Preparatory

As part of our Leadership curriculum in the Junior Prep all the children participated in the Discovery Day last Friday. The children became explorers as they investigated the Round Square Ideal of Environmentalism by looking at the litter that is polluting our world. They became aware of their moral obligation to help keep our environment free from litter. Using the Thinking Routine “See Think and Wonder” they explored their ideas and reflected on their thinking and that of their classmates.

The children’s thinking was quite intuitive, in the words of one little girl “If someone leaves litter on the ground it becomes easier for others to add to the pile of litter, therefore do not litter at all”. Suggestions for how they as children could help save the world were to say… “No to the use of straws” and “Don’t leave your ice cream wrappers behind on the beach”.

The Grade 1 children helped the Grade R children to design their own litter bugs using recycled material. The resulting litter bugs were most creative and imaginative. The Grade 2 children used the iPads to video an interview they conducted with the Grade R and 1 children. Questions like “Do you think Saints has a litter problem?” or “Can children make a difference?” were asked. All the children will have the opportunity to view these videos and discuss the different answers that were given.

It was a wonderful synergistic opportunity for our children as they moved between the grades. It was a most informative day and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.