Congratulations Dr Gail Drennan

July 16, 2019 | Girls’ College


Dr Gail Drennan

The Girls’ College Community congratulates our librarian, Dr Gail Drennan on the awarding of her PhD degree. Dr Drennan has been studying through the School of Education at WITs university under the supervision of Professor Ian Moll. The title of her research is as follows: “Affordances of ipads in schools: the role of the educational technology coach”. Her research took the form of a multi-case qualitative study and explored how five educational technology coaches helped teachers to integrate the affordances of iPads into their teaching. Data collection included observation of one- on-one coaching sessions and the interviewing of participants.

We are hugely proud of Dr Drennan and acknowledge the time and effort she has devoted to her research. We look forward to her findings continuing to enrich and benefit learning and teaching at the Girls’ College.