Comrades for Cancer

May 25, 2018 | Junior Preparatory

On Friday 25 May, a clear and sunny morning, the Junior Prep prepared for their annual Comrades for Cancer marathon around the St Stithians campus. Excited children could be seen stretching and practising, advising and helping their friends.

The children and staff were all in high spirits as they made their way to the Prep Field where the race was set to begin.

Mr Carel Nolte, our Chair of Council, and Mr John Williams, a parent in Grade R, were there to join in our marathon. Mr Williams spoke to the children about the true essence of Comrades and that it isn’t about how fast you run but about the camaraderie, working together and not giving up.

Each class, accompanied by their teachers, made their way to the Saints arch where they waited patiently for the bell to ring so that they could start the race.

It was truly wonderful to see the children supporting and motivating each other along the route.

The water and chocolates at strategic points were a most welcome treat. We thank our volunteer moms and dad for helping out and cheering the children along the way.

Boys’ Prep could be heard clapping for the runners and giving them high fives as they ran past, true synergy in action.

In the words of Robert D Hales: “It’s not how you start the race or where you are during the race, it is how you cross the line that will matter.”

The boys, girls and staff all crossed the finish line (albeit a bit exhausted) with a smile on their faces and a sense of pride in knowing that we all came together for the greater good. The money raised from this event will be donated to cancer research.