Books, books and more books!

June 21, 2019 | Junior Preparatory

The Junior Prep has been immersed in literary treats this term.

We started with Joy Husted on 31 May who shared her books ‘Once upon a Hippo’ and ‘Once upon a Crocodile’. The children learnt lessons about friendship, self-esteem and acceptance of others who are different from them.

On Friday 14 June, the children were treated to another exciting performance by the actors from Hooked on Books. This performance is always a highlight in our school calendar and this year was no exception! Some children were asked to act out parts of the stories with the actors, but all the children participated in songs and chants as part of the show.

The actors performed a poem and excerpts from 5 books, stopping at the most exciting moments. The children are encouraged to finish reading the story for themselves – either by borrowing the books from the Library or by purchasing the books. An order form was sent home with each child on Friday. The books may be ordered directly from the bookseller who will deliver the ordered books to the school.

On Thursday 20 June we were lucky enough to have a visit from another exciting author Refiloe Moahloli. She shared her new book ‘Yes Yanga!’ all about a boy who started off playing a game called ‘3 cans’ and went on to become an international cricketer. The children participated in songs with her and learnt to tell themselves how amazing they are. It was a great experience for all the children.

It was wonderful to have the children engage with all this literature. We thank Mrs Viljoen for working hard to organise everything.