Art & History Tour

November 11, 2018 | Girls’ College | Author: Michela Thorns

The Art and History Tour to Eastern Europe was an incredible experience. We visited Prague, Kraków, Berlin, Moscow and St Petersburg and we were able to gain invaluable knowledge and understanding.  Visiting historical sites such as Auschwitz-Birkenau, Hitler’s bunker and the remains of the Berlin Wall gave us deep insight into many sad truths of history, whilst giving us an irreplaceable education on the reality of the past.  

One of my main highlights was visiting the Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia. As an art student, it was so interesting to see how many of Russia’s artworks and buildings were preserved and taken care of. My other highlight was visiting the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, as it was a surreal experience to see some artworks we had studied in class in real life.

As a student who does not take History, I still found all aspects of the tour amazing and enriching. It was an extraordinary experience that I will never forget.