What it boils down to at BP

July 07, 2017 | Boys’ Preparatory | Author: Mr. Q Pascoe

When all workshops on best practice, boys schooling and or teaching and learning are said and done, I believe everything we do to serve our boys is genuinely aligned to create a daily experience for our boys around the following three points:

•             Our boys learn that it is just as important, and sometimes much more interesting to colour outside the lines;  where boys learn how to learn, rather than what to learn, where boys learn that service and leadership are inextricably linked – that it is only by learning to serve that  one learns to lead; where boys learn to balance the heat of competition with the good grace of sportsmanship; where boys learn that showing kindness and consideration for others is a sign of strength of character not a weakness.

•             To develop a culture where boys learn that ability comes in all shapes, sizes and flavours and that we can celebrate each other’s talents; where boys learn to be fair with others but make sure that others are fair with them; where boys learn to make distinctions. To learn that if we can understand differences, we can be tolerant, and we can get to the heart of our problems instead of wrestling endlessly with their unpleasant exteriors.

•             Our boys learn that it is sometimes better to be wise than it is to be clever; where good manners and a healthy values base does count for something. Our boys learn that the soul and our faith needs to be developed and nurtured as much as the brain and the body.

A great deal of humour, experimentation and “curve balls” adds to the above - that is why our boys reach happy fulfilment.